Maximize your potential by understanding the human brain at the emotional, social and cognitive levels. Maximize your potential by understanding the human brain at the emotional, social and cognitive levels.   Shopping Cart

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Join the 8th Edition of our Live Online Certificate for Negotiation and ADR Professionals, starting on July 22nd.

This new edition is offered in partnership with LEADR and is open to all mediators. It includes 14 live webinars and 4 group discussions to learn everything about the brain in negotiation and ADR. Please click here to know more.

A mindful approach to evaluative mediation, by Jeremy Lack

Please click here to read this new article which has just been published.

HR Monthly passes the message about Generations at work

Read interviews of Australian HR managers and their perspectives on Generations, as well as a (short) digest of what we have to say on the topic. Click here to know more.

Book selection of the month

Our selection this month is "Moral Tribes: Emotion, Reason, and the Gap Between Us and Them", by Joshua Greene, a very-well structured and pleasant dissertation about what to do with moral issues in the 21st century. Click on the image on the left to know more about it.




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