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Neuroawareness Consulting Services is a boutique consultancy founded in California by two of the leading experts of the application of neuroscience to professional development. We use a powerful and simple framework to help individuals and organizations improve their self-awareness, performance and mindfulness. We offer face to face workshops, online training and self-assessments.

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Applying neurobiology to negotiation and mediation | Sydney - 16/09/2015


Join François Bogacz for this pratical one-day workshop. Click here to know more.



How interdisciplinary approaches could change conflict prevention and resolution | The neuroscience of decision-making | 'kon gres Resolution Institute - Perth 18/09/2015


Join François Bogacz at the annual LEADRIAMA conference in Perth on September 18th for two exciting sessions. Click here to know more.



What neuroscience can tell us about conflict | "Conflict Matters" Conference organized by Evens Foundation | Brussels - 21 to 23 October


Join Jeremy Lack and François Bogacz for a free workshop. Click here to know more.



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