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Neuroawareness Consulting Services is a boutique consultancy founded in California by two of the leading experts of the application of neuroscience to professional development. We use a powerful and simple framework to help individuals and organizations improve their self-awareness, performance and mindfulness. We offer face to face workshops, online training and self-assessments.

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How interdisciplinary approaches could change conflict prevention and resolution | Emotions and decision-making: a neuroscientific perspective | 'kon gres LEADRIAMA - Perth 18/09/2015


Join François Bogacz at the annual LEADRIAMA conference in Perth on September 18th for two exciting sessions. Click here to know more.



Pre-conference workshop "Applying affective sciences to conflict resolution and peacebuilding – bridging research and practice" | ISRE 2015 | July 7th - Geneva


We are very grateful to have welcomed so many participants to this workshop dedicated to how to bridge affective sciences and conflict resolution.If you are interested in receiving the proceedings of the event, please contact us



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