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Neuroawareness Consulting Services is a boutique consultancy founded in California by two of the leading experts of the application of neuroscience to professional development. We use a powerful and simple framework to help individuals and organizations improve their self-awareness, performance and mindfulness. We offer face to face workshops, online training and self-assessments.

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What neuroscience can tell us about conflict | "Conflict Matters" Conference organized by Evens Foundation | Brussels - October 21 to 23


Join Dr. Olga Klimecki, Jeremy Lack and François Bogacz for a free workshop. Click here to know more.



Managing conflict 4.0 | Pepperdine, Malibu, CA - November 4 and 5

Jeremy Lack will be a speaker at this two day-conference organized by the Straus Institute, which brings participants together with corporate and public leaders, scholars and creative thinkers to share state-of-the-art insights, tools and techniques for handling and leveraging conflict within and between organizations. Click here to know more.



How can Affective Sciences contribute to Conflict Resolution - Geneva Peace Week | November 19, 9am to 12pm

Jeremy Lack and Dr. Olga Klimecki will discuss how scientific research can contribute to conflict resolution, both from a scientific and an applied perspective. This interactive workshop aims at encouraging a vivid exchange on new insights, tools and techniques that can be used in conflict resolution and peacebuilding. Click here to know more.



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